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Ruan Lingyu’s The Goddess – A Silent Film Concert by Singapore Chinese Orchestra (Awarded “The Best Serious Music” of Golden Sail Music Award 2016)

For this first programme of the Hong Kong concert, SCO will present the representative work of legendary Chinese movie star Ruan Lingyu. Released in 1934, the work of extraordinary compassion portrays the selfless motherly love of the Chinese “Goddess” of silent film. An up-to-date soundtrack for this classic film, penned by former Hong Kong resident Law Wai Lun and now based in Singapore as a composer, is partnered with the artistry of renowned Hong Kong man of music Lincoln Lo. This popularly applauded production for the silent film “Goddess” received high praises during its premiere at 2014’s Singapore Huayi Festival. Using the most splendid Chinese sounds to complement Ruan Lingyu’s perfect artistry, this concert will allow Hong Kong’s music-lovers to experience the tears and joys of the film’s protagonist and sense humanity’s most sublime, noble and authentic beauty.

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