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Pierre Le Men (法国)

Pierre Le Men

Pierre LE MEN (法国)


2011 – 2013 Organization and reception of professional and private events “Villa Guynemer Le Bourget”
2003 – 2013 “Producer (artistic director) and Sound recording Engineer of classical ensembles (chamber music, orchestras, movie soundtrack) Recording and mixing of Pop/Rock songs” Paris
2009 – 2010 Making of la Villa Guynemer, reception hall, Recording Studio for music production and TV shows “Villa Guynemer Le Bourget”
2008 – 2009 Acoustic, technology professor Studio M, Lyon
2005 – 2007 “Sound recording and theory Masterclass
Sound system installation, recording and mixing at the A-String and EQ Studios
Sound system installation and recordings for the Musicacoustica International Festival
CCTV orchestral recordings and artistic direction” Beijing
2001 – 2002 Soloist and classical performer: piano and viola Lyon
1999 – 2002 Composer and arranger for Neurontech Ltd. Lyon


2007 Master Degree: Sound Recording Engineer Paris Conservatory
2003 – 2007 Major: Musician and Sound Recording Engineer Paris Conservatory
2002 – 2003 “Gold Medals: Piano / Music Analysis / Harmony, Counter point and Orchestration Prix de perfectionnement: Viola
Music Degree: Music Analysis” Lyon and Villeurbanne Conservatories
Mathematics and Physics studies (two years) Université Lyon I
2001 – 2002 “Gold Medal: Viola
Music degrees: Harmony / Counterpoint / Aesthetics” Lyon Conservatory