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  1. Completion of the Final Mixing for the movie “The Desire Game”

    Mr. Lincoln Lo has just completed the final sound mixing session in Beijing for the movie “The Desire Game” which was directed by a very talented and professional actor Mr. Guo Tao. This was Guo’s first directed movie. It was a very exciting and pleasant collaboration between both parties, and...
  2. 羅乃萱太平紳士60歲大壽

  3. Hong Kong International Drummer Festival 2017

    Mr Lincoln LO is cordially invited to be one of the composers of the HK International Drummer Festival 2017 which will be held from 2 August to 15 August 2017. Gorgeous music programs featuring "when east meets west" will be performed by world known musician from different places.
  4. 20th Anniversary of “Old Time Buddy”

    20th anniversary of "Old time buddy" , a legendary classic of Hong Kong TV & Soundtracks history produced in 1997, won lots of TV & musical awards including the IFPI (Hong Kong Recording Industry) "Double Platinum" achievement & TVB 's "The Best Music Arranger" of the year.
  5. La Historia Du Un Amor

    由錢江漢導演執導, 鄭愷及熱依扎領導主演, 羅堅擔任電影配樂的電影《臨時演員》以當下娛樂圈為背景,講述了鄭愷飾演的草根小人物李非凡,與熱依扎飾演的當紅人氣女星梁丹妮意外相遇後「假扮情侶」卻日久見真心的愛情故事。新戲將於5月27日上映。
  6. Top Funny Comedian The Movie

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