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CLIENT: Hanare (Food and Beverage)

JOB: Music Consultant

In a hidden wagyu beef haven, as the meaning of its name – “separated” in Japanese, HANARE is a very exclusive chef’s table experience with only eight seats, not just to serve the best of the day wagyu beef rare cuts selected by owner chef, Norimitsu Nanbara, but it aims at pushing wagyu beef enjoyment to new levels with a Wagyu- themed kaiseki experience. Meat lovers will not limit to the enjoyment of premium grilled meat but a variety of culinary technique to serve the best-in-Japan wagyu beef according to seasonality, together with a more diversified range of seasonal ingredients. Each of the exquisite courses will be served directly and personally by chef as in top sushiya, while you will be able to interact with chef through his performance from preparation to cooking, plating to serving.

***Pictures & info courtesy of Hanare***