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  1. 公益文化推廣宣傳使者

    2015年11月,傳奇音樂製作有限公司及傳奇娛樂國際有限公司創辦人羅堅先生接受北京邀請,出席了2015年公益「勇敢說不(拒絕黃賭毒)」發佈會及頒獎典禮,並獲中國文化部中國文化娛樂行業協會及北京雷石天地頒發「公益文化推廣宣傳使者」獎。 以下是當日活動花絮
  2. Eating Happiness

    Eating Happiness is the first call-to-action documentary film exposing the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia. Director and Producer Genlin takes viewers through the backstreets and rural villages of Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and China to uncover the brutal violence that is par for the course in the Asian dog meat trade.
  3. Eating Happiness

    Film Title: Eating Happiness Film Company: Genlin Foundation (HK) Co., Ltd. Film Director: Genlin Original Music by: Lincoln Lo Music Copyright: Legend Music Production Ltd. Year: 2015 Opening Theme Music composed, arranged & orchestrated by: Lincoln Lo Performed by: Asian Philharmonic Orchestra Music Recording Engineer: Lee Yuesong Assistant Engineer: Wang...
  4. Super Models

    Film Title: Super Models Film Company: My Way Film Co., Ltd. Film Director: Law Wai Man Original Music by: Lincoln Lo Main Cast: Pakho Chau、Wylie Chiu、JJ Jia Music Copyright: Legend Music Production Ltd. Year: 2015 ***Picture & Information courtesy of Film Company & Film Copyright owner. ****** Due to the...