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  1. 墨攻 A Battle of Wits (Trailer Music only-H.K.version)

    Film Title: 墨攻 / A Battle of Wits (Trailer Music – H.K.version) Film Company: 驕陽電影有限公司/華誼兄弟影碟投資有限公司 Director: 張之亮 Trailer Music: 羅堅 (Lincoln Lo) 主要演員: 劉德華,安聖基,王志文,范冰冰 音樂版權: Legend Music Production Ltd. 年份/Year: 2006 ***Picture & Information courtesy of Film Company & Film Copyright Owner.

    CLIENT: CHINA ROUGE (Luxurious Exclusive Club at Galaxy Macau) JOB: MUSIC CONSULTANT ***Picture courtesy of Galaxy Macau & Photo Owner.******